Since the outbreak of COVID-19 around the world, there has been a shift of methods and practices in daily life. The five basic hygienic rules recommended by WHO for preventing coronavirus infection are binding on society as a whole. Each country, although respecting similar measures generally acquired and adopted, has its particularity for methods of confinement, treatment of patients, organisation of lifestyle, working methods, teaching, health systems, supply of basic needs… etc.

It is against this backdrop that the Barcamp Cameroon 2020 initiative was created. In general, a barcamp is a non-conference, an unconventional conference. It is free and open to the public. We register online beforehand and the barcamp is organised in the form of participatory workshops and events. The content (presentations or projects) is comprised of contributions from each participant. Thus, the principle that governs any barcamp is this: “No spectator, All participants.”

Theme : " Digitalizing Cameroon after COVID-19 "

For this special edition, ALL-ONLINE, the event will focus on the very latest innovations that could be adopted in Cameroon in terms of Internet applications, free software and social networks in a context marked by COVID-19. It will be about going beyond the usual objectives of a barcamp which are to: 

  • - Bring together the greatest number of people interested in the technological development of the different sectors in Cameroon;
  • - Create different IT partnerships between companies present;
  • - Achieve a reliable framework for discussion and exchange on ICT…

The Barcamp Cameroon 2020 will, in an inclusive approach:
  • - Propose concrete ideas, solutions and tools that the State of Cameroon could use to manage the crisis arising from COVID-19;
  • - Reflect on a digital Cameroon during and after COVID-19;
  • - Allow Cameroonians, young people and Internet users in particular, to contribute to the development of Cameroon, within a framework of convivial consultation (without taboo) according to the following principles:
« No spectator, All Participants »
« No spectator, All Responsible »
« No spectator, All Concerned »


The name "Barcamp" is a playful allusion to the event's origins, with reference to the hacker slang term, foobar. The first Barcamp was held in Palo Alto, California, from August 19-21,2005, in the offices of Social text. It was organized in less than one week, from concept its till event was held, with 200 attendees. Since then, Barcamp have been held around the world, in United States of America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

The Barcamp is organised primarily through the web, using what might be called the communication tools of Web 2.0. Specifically, Barcamp depend, on to the goodwill of the organizers, the generosity of sponsors, from loan facilities and the provision of a reliable internet connection, to drinks and meals.

All participants are encouraged to submit a project or help with a presentation or intervention. To prepare the Barcamp and enable a good monitoring, it is advisable to register in advance the topics one would like to discuss at the Barcamp wiki page. Anyone can initiate a Barcamp, using the Barcamp wiki or can create his/her own branch.


The Barcamp Cameroon 2020 proper is scheduled to host a main session on Digitalizing Cameroon and 5 parallel sessions:

  • 1. Nation Branding
  • 2. Participate in State affairs
  • 3. Towards a stable economy
  • 4. Health and Education for all
  • 5. Free topics

Generally, Barcamp Cameroon will have an opening and a closing presentation and parallel workshop rooms. Each workshop is headed by a moderator whose mission is to manage a list of subjects proposed beforehand by the Barcamp Cameroon community. The presentation of each project should take 3 to 5 minutes. The audience can then discuss it openly for 10 minutes.

In order to have an attractive content, the call for proposal submissions is open as well. No need to be a genius or be of a certain social class to speak during the Barcamp.
Send your topic proposals to the following address: contact@barcamp.cm

NB: Applications from women are highly expected. Non-IT or developer participants are also among the target audiences. A presentation/contribution can be made in English, French or both languages.

A general report on the management of the Covid-19 (during and after the crisis) with a presentation of the different ideas, proposals, projects, achievements and sessions will be published. It will be sent no later than Wednesday April 29, 2020 to the various decision-making bodies of the Republic of Cameroon.


Let’s say that in our context, a Hackathon is the gathering of motivated people, sharing the desire to solve important problems by pooling their diverse skills. The completion time is very short: We will have a 48 hour marathon!

Time, goodwill and good ideas are the main ingredients for a successful Hackathon. We need technical knowledge (dev, data, ux design, marketing) as much as project management, and business expertise (health, education, etc.) to understand the real needs in the field.

You can propose an idea/problem in connection with the crisis we are facing. This should:

  • 1. Meet a real need;
  • 2. Be prototypal within 48 hours;
  • 3. Work 100% digital and free;
  • 4. Respect the law (protection of personal data, security standards);
  • 5. Register in the following (main) areas:
    • Health (care and equipment, pharmacies, innovations and scientific forum);
    • Education (E-learning and alternative education formulas / organisation of exams)
    • The supply of basic necessities (Production, consumption, reporting of abuses);
    • Public administration (e-administration, open government and user management);
    • Finances (securing exchanges, financing methods, revenue management);
    • Private companies (large SMEs, start-ups and the informal sector)
    • Community life (religious structures, civil society, tontines, political parties);
    • Employment / telework / freelance issue;
    • Transport and logistics (interurban, national, international transport);
    • Social assistance (victims, management of rural areas, vulnerable persons).

The Hackathon will take place on a slack or any other preferable option decided by the organisation from Friday April 24 at 7 p.m. to Sunday April 26 at 7 p.m.

Key dates:

Until Thursday April 23, 2020, 6 p.m. : Collection of issues / ideas on the platform www.cameroonhackathoncrise.space

Friday April 24, 2020, 7 p.m. : Launch of the Hackathon and composition of the teams. Each project leader will present their idea to the community (via a pre-recorded video or on a live streaming platform to be defined).

Saturday April 25, 2020, 8 p.m. : Hackathon proper: Prototype and teamwork.

Sunday April 26, 2020: Facing the network of mentors: monitoring and finalising projects. 100% online.

Monday April 27, 2020: Presentation of the projects realized at Barcamp Cameroon 2020.



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